Windows Photo Viewer

Windows 7 is exclusively designed for maximum performance that includes an array of features for optimal results. One of the many highlights is the Windows Photo Viewer. The Windows Photo Viewer is a pioneering software that delivers numerous functions such as viewing, editing, printing, attaching pictures to emails, opening personal photos in another software and ordering prints. In addition, the Photo Viewer is a user-friendly application that allows faster viewing so that browsing and managing files is stress-free. Some of the forward-thinking features include the following:

• View multi-page TIFF files
• Can burn pictures to a disc
• Displays digital raw image files
• Quicker organization and easy to find files
• Consolidation for personalized slideshows
• Supports ICC profile so that image color stays true
• New navigation features including Jump Lists and Snap
• Enhanced settings for slower personal computers (PC’s)
• Supports images in JPEG, JPEG XR, BMP, TIFF, PNG and ICO
• Supports older computers plus widescreen monitors and LCD television screens
• Subtitles for exchangeable image file format (Exif) like ISO, exposure and apertureLikewise, when compared to earlier versions like Picture Viewer or Windows Fax, the Photo Viewer has an entirely different graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to interact with devices using images instead of text. As well, Windows 7 has additional support for various file formats like JPEG XR file format (previously HD Photo) and the ability to view multi-page TIFF files.


Opening and viewing photos with Windows Photo Viewer is easy. Below is an uncomplicated six step process.

• Open the Start menu and click on the Pictures option
• Open the folder that contains the photos you want to view
• Click the picture you want to view
• Click the Preview button that is located on the toolbar
• Click the Windows Photo-Viewer
• Rotate the picture if it is sideways by using the counterclockwise or clockwise rotation button

Opening in another Program

By opening a picture in another program you can edit and personalize the photo. Pictures can be opened in graphic editing software’s such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Coral Paint Shop and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Regrettably Windows 7 does not come with Windows Photo Gallery which allows photo editing. Yet, Windows Photo Gallery can be downloaded for free. This software provides many editing tools for specific needs like removing red-eye, add special tones and color, change alignment and alter exposure. Additionally, the Windows Photo Gallery includes tools for instant messaging (IM), social networking and steaming movies.
There are also other graphic editing software’s available to download for free other than Windows Photo Gallery. Some of the alternative options that are compatible with Windows 7 include Irfanview, ACDSee Photo Manager 2009 and Picasa 3.

Sending Pictures via Email

Windows Photo Viewer is a great application for sending pictures using email. One of the best features is the auto adjust that resizes the picture automatically. This way the file size is smaller, does not take a lot of memory and is much faster to send. Here is a step by step method for attaching pictures to an email.

• On the Windows Photo Viewer toolbar select E-mail
• Select a picture size from the size list in the Attach Files dialog box
• Click on Attach
• Your preferred email application opens up and contains the picture attachment
• Enter the email message and email address to the designated location then click Send
• If more than one picture attachment is desired you can select multiple pictures in the Pictures Library during the first step


Windows Photo Viewer allows you to print pictures from the application itself. Several options are available such as printing from a personal home and office printer or online printing services that can be delivered. Printing pictures from your home or office includes the following steps:

• Select picture by double clicking
• Click the Print button option from the toolbar
• Select the printer, print quality, number of copies, size and style from the Print Pictures dialog box
• Click Print
• You can print various pictures on one page by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on another picture. When finished choosing the desired pictures then right click on any picture and select the Print option. Choose the printer, quality, quantity and style from the Print Pictures dialog box. As well, within the dialog box there is a preview of the one page pictures.

Burn Pictures to a DVD or CD

You can save numerous pictures on a DVD or CD with Windows Photo Viewer. The step by step process is easy.

• Click the Windows Photo Viewer
• Select Burn from the toolbar
• Click on Data Disc
• Select the option you want for burning